Mimosa Rocks National Park

Upload your photos, select slideshow and copy the code below "Embed as slideshow in MySpace, your blog or website". Simply paste that code as a WIDGET on the page you want the slideshow to play on.


Upload your photos, add captions, choose the style, music (untick the Automatically Play box), themes, etc etc and then copy the code below this:

or copy this code (click on the textbox below and press Ctrl+C):

Paste into the page you want it to play as a WIDGET


This one is really cool! You don't have the same control as Slide.com but it does create very cool slideshows with music (you select the music)
The instructions are pretty clear on this one.
Click here to see a couple more outstanding Animoto examples

First there was Voice Thread

Now for http://ed.voicethread.com

Voice Thread just got better!

The people from voice thread recently developed ed.voicethread.com. It is a closed community for students and educators of K-12 students. Follow the link to a quick video explanation of how this works. To me, this development indicates to me that those out there building these sites acknowledge students as a huge part of the online creative community. This is pretty cool stuff! We are literally on the cutting edge...
http://ed.voicethread.com/share/36941/ Anne-Maree
Sebasticook Slideshow on PhotoPeach
http://photopeach.com not blocked to students