Welcome to the Collaborating And Participating Chatter about using Wikispaces, dedicated to exploring Web 2.0 tools especially for use in education. Join in, try them out and add to our site.
please note: this wikispace no longer is associated with the NSW Country Areas Program at their request.

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Use the links in the Navigation Menu (on left of screen) to find out more about some of the tools available on the web and how you can use them on your wiki or in your class.

Feel free to access this wikispace to find out more about Web 2.0 tools and how teachers are using them in their classrooms.


Free educational wikispaces are still being offered - visit - scroll down to the Education Wikis info and complete the form.

Otherwise, free wikis are offered to everybody - but, they can only be made private if you pay a small fee.
If you have already created a wikispace and want to make it an EDUCATIONAL PRIVATE one go to Manage Wiki and click on Subscription - scroll right down to the bottom of the page where you are invited to apply for a FREE EDUCATIONAL wikispace - follow the simple instructions.

To get a free education wiki follow this link:

TO REGISTER YOUR STUDENTS EASILY use the User Creator in the Manage Wiki menu

Choose I will paste in a text list (scroll down to bottom of page) - you can paste one in or just type it in on line
Type a user name for each student, add their email address and a password - put a comma after student name and email address - DO NOT PUT ANY SPACES IN - ENTER/RETURN after each line - see below
TIP: you could give each user the same password and then have them change their password on the first log-in.

then follow the instructions - each user will be then registered on wiki and added to your wikispace.


Follow this link to an introduction to wikis including a printable document for reference and a video tutorial on using and editing a wiki.