Hmmmm where to start? Maybe it would be worthwhile for you to read the Help files above or view the videos at: or download this word .doc file which gives an overview of all the features.
or visit HELP FOR K - 12 TEACHERS - a page set up by Wiki to assist you. Download Handouts and a PowerPoint to show your staff etc what Wikispaces are all about.

Directions for setting up a wiki

Simple screencasts give simple how to instructions.

Below is the menu bar seen when you select Edit This Page - I have not pointed to to common text and table icons.

Editing the NAVIGATION Space is just as easy - click on the edit navigation link at the base of the Navigation Space (The Links on the Left of ther screen. It will open the Navigation Space - here you can add new links to Pages (I find double spacing makes the links easier to separate)
To create a New Page merely click on the New Page at the top of the Navigation Space - under the Actions heading.
Create your new page and then create the link to it in the navigation Space.

Visit - Teacher First Wiki Walkthrough