Podcasting is the process of creating an audio show of some sort available in MP3 format via an RSS 2.0 feed that supports enclosures. Podcasts are designed to include talk shows, tutorials, music, or other audio content. Users select the podcasts (audio feeds) they wish to subscribe. Visit this page for Podcasting weblinks - lots of tools, ideas, podcast to download.
Check out this site: http://web2-0world.wikispaces.com

I have been experimenting with Gcast.com - this FREE site provides a simple way to upload and store your podcasts. Basically once you have set up an account with Gcast (very easy - 30 seconds work) create your podcast and follow the very simple instructions to upload it.
You can then either provide your "listeners" with the Gcast URL or take the CODE provided and add it to your Wikispace or webpage.

Just click on the "Love this podcast? Add it to your blog or MySpace!" to get the code (select colour size etc - STEP 3 gives you the option to have it AutoPlay and Loop - I suggest you DON"T select this but allow the listener to click the play button when required - otherwise the podcast begins to play automatically when you open the page EVERY time!)
Then ... by opening the WIDGET icon (the one that looks like a TV in the menu bar - next to the images/files icon) select "Audio" - scroll down to "Other" and embed the code. Save it and bingo there you have it!
You can use this Gcast account : http://www.gcast.com/u/CAPcollie/main?nr=1&&s=0

In a webpage I'm assuming that you would add it to the html code inside the body section. I'll check this out asap.
Below is an example of a simple podcast I have created this way.**

Subscribe Free
Add to my Page
As you can see you have the option to Subscribe which allows you to get a regular automatic update each time a new podcast is uploaded. If you click on the Posts** button on the player you will get a list of all the podcasts available in this set.
You can also add the podcast to your own website. Cool eh?
By clicking on the Subscribe for free you can subscribe to all subsequent posts in iTunes.
emints material on
Podcasting with Audacity Moodle
presentation for creating an audio podcast
in Audacity and the steps necessary to post it on the web from EMINTS Winter Conference 2009.
resources are posted on the Winter Conference Presenter Materials at http://www.emints.org/events/winter2009/materials.shtml
or you can also login to their Moodle and get the materials there...

http://shadow.centralia.k12.mo.us/moodle/course/view.php?id=57 -
login as a "guest" and use "emintspd" for the key.

Materials presented by
Amy Blades & Matt McKenzie
Educational Technology / PD4ETS
Centralia R-6

For more information visit http://web2-0world.wikispaces.com/podcasting
or view some (or all of) the great videos on TeacherTube - http://www.teachertube.com/search_result.php?search_id=podcasting