There are a host of sites which offer storage for your photos and create slideshows for them.
Many people elect to store their photos online - very handy if you are travelling or wish to share them with others.
Most of these sites will also provide a slideshow - you get to select which photos, the look, style, extra effects (eg butterflies fluttering over the pics) and, in some cases, music.
Many or most of these are blocked for most students at school but they can be created at home and uploaded.
Here are some examples of slideshows you can have generated on the web for free. - slideshow examples

Create your own slideshows with GarageBand and/or MovieMaker, iMovie, Photostory - view some examples

Adobe Photoshop Express web service . The new site requires Flash Player 9 and offers an entirely web-based image editor. You can organize photos by dragging them into albums or create a gallery to share images. The service also lets you email links images stored online, embed them in a Web page, or download them. Photoshop Express offers 2GB of storage with the ability to crop, rotate, and touch up your images. It also integrates with a number of photo-sharing websites. Need a few tutorials to get started? Try
The URL:

Animated Gif Image Example
What is intersting is that this animated gif was created by my daughter Kate to put on her Bebo site using software freely available in the web. Gimp2.4.5, a photoediting software with features similar to photoshop elements and Microsoft Gif Animator to convert and animate the gifs. Kate used uTube to find a tutorial on how to create a flashing photo. She found a turorial that someone had uploaded that gave her the instructions she needed: the software she needed to download and this is the result! Amazing collaboration!