Short movie files can be great additions to website or wikispaces.

Remember that not everyone uses a PC. To make sure MAC users can see your photostories and movies, use Zamzar to change your files to Quicktime format. Zamzar is a free service. You send your file to them and tell them to send it back to you in a MOV or MPG format.

This little movie has been saved in Quicktime format and works fine with both platforms (ie Macintosh and Windows)

This movie was simply uploaded and added as a File.

Quicktime is available as a free download for Windows users (Mac computers have it automatically).
here is a Windows Photo Story3 "movie".
Unfortunately it doesn't show on a Mac - maybe not even on a Windows computer without PS3?
Any ideas anyone on how to create a Movie/slide show on a Windows platform that will play on a Mac.
Whilst a fully Windows based school would only need Windows readable stuff it would be far preferable for all items to be viewed on both platforms - especially if you want to share it with others.
Obviously we could use Quicktime or Flip4Mac to re-save it but I want something which is EASY and problem free for non-techos.
Maybe it could be entered using the Widget??? I'll keep looking - YOU too OK?

VLC media player 0.8.6e

  • It is a free cross-platform media player
  • It supports a large number of multimedia formats, without the need for additional codecs
  • It can also be used as a streaming server, with extended features (video on demand, on the fly transcoding, ...)

YouTube Video Download
This is one of many sites which enable you to enter the URL for a YouTube video and which will then download the video as a Flash file.
The result will be a file in .flv format (well you need to rename it as a .flv file. - You can play the video using a Flv Player on your PC (available as free downloads).

This free utility will enable you to convert videos which may have been downloaded from YouTube in Flash (.flv) format. Then rename it with a .flv extension. Flash video can be converted to wmv format which means that it is then possible to edit them using MovieMaker in XP.
I use Prism Video Converter. Here you can preview the .flv and preview your conversion. I convert it to MPG1 format. You can use Windows Movie Maker to compress the file.

There are many options for downloading and converting to choose from, google "download youtube" for an extensive list.

Have you ever wanted to edit a video from your digital still camera, but it exports .MOV files and Microsoft Movie Maker doesn't read .MOV files?

You can convert .MOV files to .AVI files, then import them to Movie Maker and PowerPoint. (PowerPoint does read .MOV files, but sometimes there are problems).

Here is a free open source video converter: RAD Video Tools.

Download Youtube Videos

Try this site to download and convert Youtube videos without the need to download any software.

Try It will convert files for you and email you the file.