Hmmmm where to start? Maybe it would be worthwhile for you to read the Help files above or view the videos at: or download this word .doc file which gives an overview of all the features - or visit HELP FOR K - 12 TEACHERS - a page set up by Wiki to assist you. Download Handouts and a PowerPoint to show your staff etc what Wikispaces are all about.

Below is the menu bar seen when you select Edit This Page - I have not pointed to to common text and table icons.

Editing the NAVIGATION Space is just as easy - click on the edit navigation link at the base of the Navigation Space (The Links on the Left of ther screen. It will open the Navigation Space - here you can add new links to Pages (I find double spacing makes the links easier to separate)
To create a New Page merely click on the New Page at the top of the Navigation Space - under the Actions heading.
Create your new page and then create the link to it in the navigation Space.

Visit - Teacher First Wiki Walkthrough

Try the following for some simple, fun ways to get started and jazz up your pages.


Lots of great animations for your pages. Just right click on the image and paste onto your wiki page. If you get a red cross instead of the animation you may need to right click and save, then upload it onto your page.


Glitter and scrolling text for titles. You will need to copy the code and then insert these as a widget (blue button on the editing toolbar that looks like a tine blue TV with antenas.

FANCY GENS - neat text headings

Vokis -


What about software that will read the page for you?
Text to MP3
Don't like the sound of your own voice?
Maybe this is for you ...
This site allows you to write something and then have it read in either a male or female voice. It is then saved as an MP3 ready to be embedded into your wikispace or webpage. Try it!

or .... Read the Words -

Resizing Photos

Download to your computer and resixe those photos BEFORE you upload them to your site.