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At Wiki-Teacher, we believe that there is an untapped resource within our nation's teachers. Wiki-Teacher is a forum for teachers to share their collective intelligence through their resources, insights, and practices. As a community of educators, we will control the direction of Wiki-Teacher as well as determine the relevance and value of the resources.
Feel Free to Join this Wiki and/or one of our subject wikis. All Educational Stakeholders Welcome!
This site aims to answer one question: How can I use wikis in education?
Australian and New Zealand Educators - see their weekly flash meeting page

Weaving the Web 2.0 Tools in the Curriculum

Web 2.0 is the combination of all of the collaborative and mostly free sites on the Internet whose value is dependent on the actions of the users. The number of web-based applications and tools are growing at an exponential rate making it very difficult to keep current. However, educators must become familiar with these tools as they are the tools the digital natives are using.
This wiki combines the opportunity to review the history of the edits and a discussion board (forum).
Wikis in Education - At Wetpaint, we are committed to helping educators bring the power of wikis to the learning process.

CLASSROOM 2.0 - this site that offers some professional social networking site for those interested in the practical application of Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies in learning. They welcome beginners and newbies so if you're looking for some good discussion, you'll find it here.

Vicki Davis is Amazing!

The next site is amazing! The woman who puts it together must not have a life or her days are definitely longer than 24 hours. Although most is set up for secondary it would be easily adaptable. Her name is Vicki Davis and here are a few links to a variety of sites she writes and manages. Have a look and be impressed.
Find out about her and access lots of links and discussions at her Blog. Cool Cat Teacher Blog.
Flat classroom Project - a collaborative international secondary project.
Westwood School Computer Studies Wiki The Online space for students of Westwood Schools to learn and collaborate.
Wildcat Web 2.0 Project - Follow the sidebar menus to see more great ideas.
This next Wiki provides lots of how to's for a range of e-learning activities, including Wikis. I've even learnt how to create a table of contents from it! Easy peasy.
See aquaculturepda hosted by Sue Waters. Read her blog too.

Learning 2.0

This Web 2.0 site outlines a discovery learning program designed to encourage staff to explore new technologies and reward them for doing 23 things. (I'd love to adapt this program either for my staff or Cappies - might have to forgo the mp3 player and laptop prize!) Many other places have adapted it - they are happy to share as long as they are acknowledged.

View this NZ school wikispace which is a good example of how it can be used.

Obviously the students have had some time working with web 2.0 tools.
If you find anymore good examples of school uses of WikiSpaces add them here.