What about software that will read the page for you?

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Recording your voice to use in a podcast or to add to powerpoint, kid pix, iMovie, Movie Maker etc etc is quite simple and adds a lot toa page.
Whilst most of these programs allow you to record directly, sometimes you need an audio track which is separate (or you may want to use it in a couple of applications) or you want to make a podcast - or even just add a soundtrack to your website/wiki

How do you do it?

The simplest way is to use an application like AUDACITY - available free for both Windows and Mac platforms - also download the LAME MP3 encoder which allows you to save the files as mp3s.
Once downloaded and installed record your audio
Then save it as an mp3 by going to File and select Export As mp3
The FIRST time you do this you will be asked to locate the Lame file you downloaded - once you have done this it will automatically find it each and every time after (UNLESS of course, you move it!)

You now have an mp3 file ready to use however you want.
To add it to a Wikispace just upload it as a file.

You can record your audio and just have it on a website or wiki for people to listen to. If they have Quicktime Pro they will be able to download but if you just mean for users to listen to it then insert it as a file and it will look like this:

View this video of using Audacity, adding a music background and saving for a podcast


SonyAcid is a Windows application - Garageband is a Mac application (provided free on Macs)
Both of these allow you to record audio and/or music and save in a variety of formats - mp3 being one of these.
Garageband also lets you make a podcast directly from the application - see Creating Slideshows in the Navigation space.

Current prices are:
$94 for a single copy
$84 each for 5 or more copies
We have been sourcing Acid from:
The Soundhouse as the prices they offer are far cheaper than others we have come across. You will need a school order form though.
Ph: 1300 728 211
169 Mt Alexander Rd

ACID XPRESS is a free download with most of the feature of Studio but a limit of 20 mp3's may be created.
Download from:
If trying to register from a DET site you will need to follow these instructions:
Otherwise registration is easy online from outside the DET